About Us


Medical Plants Creative Laboratory is a private company engaged in the production of cosmetics formulated from a quality and natural raw materials. For original recipes, we use carefully selected herbal extracts and essences, phytoestrogen-rich vegetable oils, natural vitamins (A, C, E, B5, B3) that have a high nutritional value for the skin, peptides, probiotics, royal jelly, antioxidants.

For centuries the used and confirmed blessings of the treasury of nature have been implemented in modern substrates and translated into cosmetics for face and body care. Always the current tendency to find a product that achieves non-invasive skin rejuvenation has motivated us to produce Cream with stem cells of green apples that hydrates the skin up to deep layers, energizes our stem cells of the skin and thus reduces the depth of the wrinkles.

Medical Plants cosmetics supports the current concept of "anti-pollution" skincare, which is a tendency to preserve the natural barrier of the skin, both by preserving its pH value and maintaining its microbial flora. For this concept, we use the probiotic Bacillus Ferment, the Royal Jelly, peptides, 3D hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Superoxide dismutase.

MP Oily skin products nourish the young, oily skin prone to the appearance of acne, helping her to pass through the age of puberty beautiful and nourished.

MP Derma products are intended for the care of sensitive and dried skin.

MP hair products help in solving the problems of dandruff, but also the problems with dry hair. These products contain hyaluronic acid, keratin, very mild surfactants, vegetable proteins.

                                                                                                        MEDICAL PLANTS COSMETICS

Our business strategy is focused on:

- Production of safe and efficient cosmetic products (which are controlled by our Safety Assessor MA ph. Mirjana Pantelić) 
- Production of quality cosmetics controlled by domestic accredited institutions (microbiological and toxicological)
- Production of dermo-cosmetic products as efficient, and at affordable prices to the widest population (controlled by in - use and Courage Khazaka methods)
- Production under the Small and Medium Enterprises Agreement
- Continuous development and education based on the latest European and world achievements and trends in the field of cosmetology
- Increasing user satisfaction and listening to their needs
- Increasing employee satisfaction

The founder of the company is Mirjana Pantelić, MA ph., a specialist in industrial pharmacy, a safety assessor of cosmetic (Certified in Brussels). For over 20 years, she has been developing her own formulations based on modern knowledge and experience, as well as improving the prescriptions inherited from his grandfather, one of the first post-war pharmacists. Family tradition and support, constant education and love for pharmacy, bring back all the more quality formulations for care and beautification of the skin.

                                     Medical Plants products are used by a growing number of satisfied users, primarily due to the quality and affordable price.

Quality policy

Medical Plants Creative Laboratory carries out effective and innovative solutions in the production of cosmetics. Following modern trends in cosmetics production in accordance to the Regulation 1223/2009, we are constantly striving to ensure that each of our products, produced through GMP - good manufacturing practice and modern production, is of high quality and safety.

We achieve our goals in the field of quality management through:
- care about satisfying customers' requests and realization of agreed orders
- application of ISO 9001 in processes and GMP - good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products, according to ISO 22716
- careful control of raw materials and packaging at the entrance
- careful control of all stages of production and packaging
- Continuous improvement of its products and processes

Medical Plants Creative Laboratory is able to offer you the following services:

1.Safety Assessment - assessment of the safety of cosmetic products in relation to Regulation 1223/2009
2. Product Information File - a necessary document for placing a cosmetic product on the market of the European Union. Also, we are able to offer the contact of the Responsible Person necessary for the export of cosmetics to the European Union market
3. Certification of cosmetic products on the CPNP portal
4. Development of formulation and pre-formulation
5. Quality examination of the cosmetic product: organoleptic, microscopic, refractometric, microbiological and pH measurement
6. Examination of the effectiveness of the cosmetic product: through measurement and monitoring of hydration enhancement, surface lipid measurement, measurement and monitoring of transepidermal loss of moisture (TEWL), Courage Khazaka methods.