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Anti-aging care is the need of every modern woman. Anti age is one of the favorite modern terms. The skin is a living organ, the largest and most complex in the human body. Like all organs, the skin ages. The first wrinkles appear already in the second half of the 20s. It is certain that then we do not think about wrinkles and aging. Although that’s when it’s best to start with anti-aging care.

Anti-Age Body Butter with retinol 200ml

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Luxurious body butter, deeply nourishes and hydrates the skinVolume 200ml
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Active Beauty | Intensive Skin Care Cream

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Day-night cream with royal jelly, probiotic derivative, peptides...Volume 30ml
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Anti-pollution | Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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Skin rejuvenation cream with probiotics Volume 50ml
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AloeVera panthenol gel-cream

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Hydrates, nourishes, soothes Volume 50ml
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Amla 30+ cream with Ayurvedic extract

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Cream for hydration and fresh skin appearance Volume 50ml
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Amla cream 45+ with Ayurvedic extract

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Cream for fresh and nourished skin and a brighter complexion Volume 50ml
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Green apple stem cell cream

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Skin moisturizing cream with green apple stem cells Volume 50 ml
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Amla oily serum with retinol

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Intensive anti-aging treatmentVolume 30mlv
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Antirid with Baikal extract

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Anti-wrinkle and skin nourishing cream15 ml, 50 ml
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Peptide Filler pro-active anti-aging serum

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Serum for hydration and antiaging care with royal jelly Volume 50ml
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Anti-Wrinkle Oily Serum

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Nourishing oil serum Volume 30ml
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Green Inspiration Anti-pollution and Anti-Wrinkle Serum

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Anti-wrinkle serum with probiotics Volume 30ml
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A distinction should be made between mechanical and biological aging of the skin. In mechanical aging of the skin, changes occur in the upper layer of the skin. These are changes due to frequent facial movements. Biological ie. chronological aging is genetically conditioned.

Aging of the skin is therefore part of the overall aging process of the organism. It is simply an inevitable, degenerative process and we cannot stop it. It must be emphasized that mechanical aging is conditioned by lifestyle and environmental factors. Skin aging is therefore accelerated by bad lifestyle habits. These are certainly lack of sleep, consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, poor diet and insufficient physical activity. But we must not exclude factors of the external environment such as UV radiation, pollution, dust and noise.

Anti age care – How important is it to start anti age care on time?

It’s never too early or too late to start anti-aging care. But in fact, skin care and anti-ageing must also include adequate cleaning. Of course, with the selection of suitable products for care and protection. After the age of 20, the skin loses 1% less collagen every year. This is precisely what tells us that at the age of 50 we will have as much as 30% less collagen. The popularity of anti-aging treatments over the last 10 years is undeniable. Precisely because of its popularity, some consider anti-aging care as a kind of sociological phenomenon. Anti-aging creams should be separated from anti-aging, lasers, etc. It is a very young branch of dermatology, therefore medicine.

That’s why anti-aging care in any form is not a fad but a necessity of the modern age. In short, the answer to the question of when to start anti-aging care would be the sooner the better. If you start prevention while you are still in your 20s, the signs of aging will be less visible later. According to dermatologists, the skin begins to age around the age of 25. Collagen slowly begins to be lost. Water stores evaporate faster from the cells, and the skin cells need more and more time to regenerate. But keep in mind that most people still develop fine lines and wrinkles after the age of 25.

How to choose a suitable anti age cream?

In order to choose the right anti-aging cream, you need to know your skin type. It must be taken into account whether the skin is dry, normal or mixed. Although the prerequisite for the anti-aging cream to work is regular and thorough cleansing. Before you choose an anti-aging cream, you must know that anti-aging cosmetics do not replace surgical antiaging. Anti-age care with cosmetic products has numerous benefits for the skin:

Excellent prevention for future skin aging
Prevents the formation of wrinkles
Reduces the visibility of dark spots
The skin becomes smoother, firmer and hydrated

Whichever brand you choose, always opt for anti-wrinkle creams that contain hyaluronic acid. Other important ingredients are retinol, keratin, collagen, vitamin E and C and herbal extracts. Creams should also be adapted to the age, ie the biological clock should be followed. Anti-aging creams should not contain harmful chemicals, such as parabens and alcohol. It would be best to combine day and night cream. Day creams contain UV and SPF protection. Night creams are rich in natural oils and lipids that nourish the skin. Along with creams, you can always use anti-aging serums, new innovative formulas are constantly appearing. It is important that the formulation of creams and serums promotes radiance and makes the skin more resilient and velvety. So be kind to your skin. Don’t let old age ask you where your youth was, as our grandmothers would say.

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