Body care

Body care includes a series of daily procedures to make the skin elastic and vital. With regular body care, we also gain a dose of self-confidence, relaxation and inner peace. Body hygiene and body care are crucial to our overall health.

Anti-Age Body Butter with retinol 200ml

2,140.00 RSD
Luxurious body butter, deeply nourishes and hydrates the skinVolume 200ml
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Derma Spray

935.00 RSD1,250.00 RSD
One spray, multiple solutions 50 ml, 150 ml
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Sugar scrub – for skin like velvet

885.00 RSD1,240.00 RSD
A wonderful scrub for the whole body with seductive scented oils of white orchid and white lotus
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Derma-evening primrose cream

1,140.00 RSD
Care of red, dry, chapped and sensitive skin Volume 50ml
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Derma-Zinc Jecoris cream

1,140.00 RSD
Care of red, dry and sensitive skin Volume 50ml
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AloeVera panthenol washing gel

1,250.00 RSD
Mild micellar washing gel Volume 200ml
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Micellar water

860.00 RSD
Thoroughly cleans, effectively removes make-up, optimally hydrates Volume 460ml
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AloeVera panthenol gel-cream

1,660.00 RSD
Hydrates, nourishes, soothes Volume 50ml
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D-panthenol 5% gel-cream

730.00 RSD
Hydrates and nourishes sensitive and irritated skin Volume 50ml
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Green apple stem cell cream

2,140.00 RSD
Skin moisturizing cream with green apple stem cells Volume 50 ml
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Hand cream with evening primrose and vitamin A quantity

1,060.00 RSD
Care of dry and chapped skin prone to eczema Volume 100ml
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Emollients 200ml

1,350.00 RSD
Nourishing milk for facial cleansing and body care Volume 200ml
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In order for body care to be adequate, the starting point is quality care products. Choose creams, lotions and milks for body care that are based on nature. Only proven body care products will protect the skin from external influences. And these are sun, cold, dust, temperature change.

Body care involves three basic steps, and we will write about each one separately in the rest of the text.

Body care – proper cleansing

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin in order to remove dirt and neutralize sweat. Showers and care baths play an important role in this. They help us feel fresh, rested and relaxed. When choosing baths or bath gels, make sure that they do not dry out the skin. The formulation of the product should suit your skin type.

When using a cotton towel instead of wiping the skin, pat it with the towel. Thus, the skin will retain moisture. After bathing, apply oil-based preparations while the skin is damp. Plant extracts have been used traditionally since ancient times. These are mainly extracts of chamomile flowers, calendula and other plants. They have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.

Skin care

Skin and body care products hydrate and regenerate the skin. In this way, drying, irritation, redness and itching are prevented. The skin becomes smooth and soft because hydration increases the water content. In addition, the process of discarding dead skin cells is accelerated. Skin care preparations are therefore applied to clean skin after bathing.

When we think of body care products, the association is a whole shelf with different products. That is why an adequate selection of creams, oils, lotions, care sprays, scrubs… The cosmetic industry is of great help to us in our daily skin care. It is important that the products are clinically tested and suitable for our skin type.

Body care – skin protection

Thanks to discoveries in the fields of dermatology and cosmetology, today there is a wide selection of products that protect the skin. Sensitive skin is not a disease but a skin condition. This condition is accompanied by skin irritation, tightening and burning. In addition, there is often redness to a lesser or greater extent.

Factors that have a harmful effect on the skin of the body can be internal and external. Internal stress, medications, various emotional reactions.

External factors are cold, wind, UV radiation, various ingredients of cosmetic products, dirt… Winter and cold weather especially affects people with sensitive skin. The sun is also the cause of major problems on the skin of the body. In addition to protection in the form of a good choice of clothes, it is necessary to feed the skin with enough cream. When choosing a sun cream, the protection factor should be at least 15.

How to choose the right body care product

Different skin types do not respond to treatment in the same way. Your daily routine can also affect skin sensitivity. For deep cleansing of the skin, you should choose a gentler formula and that the raw materials are natural. This includes nutritious plant and essential oils, antioxidants and probiotics. With sprays for skin hydration, it is important that they are based on nourishing oils. It is good that they also contain vitamins such as B5 and E. Cream with zinc or cream with evening primrose are ideal for protecting cracked skin. Body peeling affects the production of collagen.

In addition to regular body care with creams and lotions, be sure to include exfoliation as a regular ritual. If you exfoliate before applying the cream, it will penetrate deeper into the skin. Peeling should not be used every day.

Use lotions, nourishing creams and milks for body care every day. They provide the skin with deep hydration, making it soft and smooth. In addition, the skin is thus toned and peeling and drying are prevented.

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