Baths with the right bath accessories can always relax us after a hard day. Relaxing in baths, in warm water is not only good for the skin, but also for the soul. Various ingredients in baths help to relax the body. In addition, pain and tension in the muscles are alleviated.

AloeVera panthenol washing gel

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Mild micellar washing gel Volume 200ml
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Oil bath with hyaluronic acid and rice oil

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Oil bath for sensitive and atopic skin Volume 200ml
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Every wellness program starts with relaxing baths. When bathing, metabolic processes are stimulated and the creation of new cells in the body is encouraged. All this has a positive effect on the immune system. Whether it’s an alkaline, oil or foam bath, each one will have a positive effect on our body.

Alkaline baths contain various mineral substances that have an antiseptic and detoxifying effect. You can make them yourself at home. Pour about 100 g of baking soda into the bath water. Foam baths are ideal for relaxation, as different scents delight the sense of smell. Oil baths are enriched with essential oils and supply the skin with fats. Especially, if they are rich in vitamin B5, glycerin, lavender oil, etc. It will have a soothing effect and the skin will maintain its elasticity. Eucalyptus, lemon balm and thyme as additives in baths have a healing effect.

Baths – how to choose the right bath?

In order to choose the right bath, it is necessary to ask about the composition before buying. It often happens that various skin irritations occur due to the use of some bath products. Baths that are excessively perfumed sometimes lead to contact dermatitis. If the skin of the body is quite dry, even natural fragrances can cause a negative reaction. Avoid baths that have a high level of alcohol.

In recent years, oil bath has been recommended by everyone for the care of dry and sensitive skin. Although they are not new, only now dermatologists are increasingly recommending them in the treatment of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Preservatives that give baths a long shelf life can cause irritation. We hope these few tips will help you choose the right bath. Fill the bathtub with scented baths and relax! Here you will find the real ones, made of natural ingredients!

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