Body scrub

Body peeling is one of the treatments that removes old and dead cells from the surface layer of the skin. Regular exfoliation is important because it rids the body of toxins. In addition, the growth of new cells is stimulated. After peeling, the skin will better absorb the active substances. After the treatment, the result is brighter, softer and more velvety skin.

Sugar scrub – for skin like velvet

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A wonderful scrub for the whole body with seductive scented oils of white orchid and white lotus
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he three basic elements of any peeling are: peeling particles, oil and aroma.

The skin can be exfoliated chemically and mechanically. With mechanical peeling, gently apply the scrub with a brush in circular motions. This treatment should last about 30 seconds. Then rinse the body with lukewarm water. Do not rinse with hot water. After the treatment, apply a moisturizing cream. In addition to the brush, you can also use a sponge for exfoliation. Also rub the sponge in circular motions. The exfoliating glove is very effective for larger areas, such as the legs or arms. What needs to be taken into account when it comes to exfoliation is the type of skin we have.

Body scrub – how to choose?

If your skin has no complications, you can choose any peeling method. It doesn’t matter if you chose mechanical or chemical. You just have to be careful not to combine them on the same day. Fruit acids are the most popular and affordable form of chemical peeling. They work by denaturing proteins. They proved to be especially good, and sugar scrubs with fragrant notes are very current today. They are applied by rubbing on dry skin of the whole body before showering. The skin will be wonderfully smooth and fragrant, with a feeling of complete relaxation of the body.

Body scrubs have positive effects and results in combination with other anti-cellulite treatments. In addition, circulation is improved and fat deposits are prevented. Peeling is one of the simplest cosmetic treatments, which does not require great skill. It is especially grateful that you can easily afford it at home. Make yourself comfortable, at least once a week. Your body deserves it. Because body peeling, among other things, stimulates the skin detoxification process.

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