Care of dry and sensitive body skin

Caring for dry and sensitive body skin requires changing your daily routine. Dry and sensitive body skin needs proper care in order to restore its shine and softness. The skin of the body can become sensitive for many reasons. Ranging from environmental factors, like temperature, to internal triggers like hormonal changes.

Anti-Age Body Butter with retinol 200ml

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Luxurious body butter, deeply nourishes and hydrates the skinVolume 200ml
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Derma Spray

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One spray, multiple solutions 50 ml, 150 ml
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Derma-evening primrose cream

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Care of red, dry, chapped and sensitive skin Volume 50ml
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Emollients 200ml

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Nourishing milk for facial cleansing and body care Volume 200ml
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Emollient 5% Urea

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Nourishing hydrating milk for body care Volume 200ml
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Emollient 10% Urea

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Nourishing hydrating milk for dry body skin Volume 200mlv
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Ung. Emollients

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Hydrates and nourishes dry and rough skin150 ml, 300 ml
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Oil bath with hyaluronic acid and rice oil

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Oil bath for sensitive and atopic skin Volume 200ml
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Although some people are predestined and doomed to dry, sensitive skin, it is extremely unpredictable. It can appear at any time in an individual’s life. It can also appear anywhere on the body. Dry sensitive skin is not a disease, but a condition. Having “sensitive skin” is completely normal. Although there is no real cure for dry sensitive skin, understanding its causes and symptoms can help manage the condition.

If the symptoms are not resolved, they can cause the skin to become extremely dry and rough anywhere on the body. Even large areas of skin such as arms, legs, shoulders, elbows, knees are susceptible. Sensitivity can be caused by hot water when showering, inadequate body products. Also, sun exposure, sweating and air conditioning.

Dry skin can also become very sensitive, as with other skin conditions.

If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, see a doctor or dermatologist for a formal diagnosis.

What causes dry sensitive skin?

The skin has numerous natural systems that protect it and keep it healthy. When the skin’s natural pH balance changes, its defenses are weakened. The skin suffers from excessive water loss and irritants can penetrate its surface.

A variety of skin conditions can be accompanied by sensitivity to irritants, including eczema and dry skin.

Free radicals created by UV radiation and environmental pollutants have been shown to weaken the skin’s natural defenses, causing it to dry out and become irritated.

In addition to the triggers that cause the skin to become sensitive and dry, there are many triggers that can improve the condition. These include spray for sensitive skin, creams for dry skin, lotions for dry skin.

Regular use of moisturizing products will restore dry and sensitive body skin. In order for body care to be adequate, the starting point is quality care products. Choose creams, lotions and milks for body care that are based on nature. Only proven body care products will protect the skin.

Our line of nourishing skin care products is specially formulated to care for dry and sensitive skin. Our dry skin care products hydrate the skin and help it look visibly fresh and soft, without any greasy residue.

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