Lotion for sensitive body skin

A lotion for sensitive body skin and its key benefit is restoring hydration to the skin. Gives the best results for sensitive skin. Most of us have body lotion. Because we use something every day to hydrate the skin. But – is it the right thing to do? It depends on your preferences.

Micellar water

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Thoroughly cleans, effectively removes make-up, optimally hydrates Volume 460ml
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Emollients 200ml

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Nourishing milk for facial cleansing and body care Volume 200ml
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A key benefit of body lotions is restoring hydration to the skin. But today, more and more formulas provide additional benefits. From improving skin elasticity to reducing the appearance of cellulite. There is a perfect body lotion for more or less everyone.

For the care of sensitive body skin, you should not be attracted by elegant packaging. You should be attracted by the natural ingredients found in it. Such are our lotions for sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins E and B5, grape seed oil, they also contain allantoin. They contain everything that body lotions do best. Moisturizes and hydrates your skin, strengthens the skin barrier, improves tone, texture and restores firmness.

Lotion for sensitive body skin for a pampered body

Very dry, sensitive skin is easily irritated by environmental triggers, making it even more sensitive. It takes more than a gentle moisturizer to make you less sensitive. The body lotion is formulated to provide intensive hydration to very dry, sensitive body skin and make it more resilient and less sensitive. It is suitable for everyday use. Use it daily to keep your skin nourished. It definitely makes the skin feel smooth and protected. It offers intensive care. It makes the skin feel less irritated as it instantly moisturizes. Provides skin with long-lasting moisture. It leaves the skin with a pleasant feeling and softness.

Daily Moisture Sensitive Skin Lotion is our solution for moisturizing dry, sensitive skin. Fragrance-free, colour-free, this gentle, non-greasy formula, with vitamin B5 and E, and essential skin moisturisers, absorbs in seconds. It has been proven through experience to hydrate the skin of the body throughout the day. So choose the best. For the care of dry skin of the body and hands, choose Medic Plants lotion for sensitive skin of the body.

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