Facial cleaning lotions

Face cleansing lotions are lotions that remove impurities and traces of makeup from the skin. It is an effective and gentle facial cleanser. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the first step in your daily facial skin care routine should always be proper cleansing. Removing the dirt and dead cells that build up on your skin can improve its appearance.

Sage lotion – oily skin 200ml

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Lotion for the care of oily skin and skin after shaving Volume 200ml
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It will certainly prepare the skin to properly absorb all the products we apply afterwards. And also encourage skin renewal. Our skin is exposed to many aggressions every day: wind, cold, heat, rain, make-up, shaving and the regular touch of our dirty hands. Choosing the right facial cleanser can help our skin regain its youth. And it looks healthier.Be sure to clean your face twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. And always choose products that are meant for your face, not your body. Facial skin is usually more sensitive, and some products that work great on our body can be too strong for the face.

Face cleansing lotions – face lotion

Each skin type has different needs that can be met by using the right facial cleanser. Lucky for us, there is a wide variety of facial cleansing products on the market. Facial cleansing lotions remove impurities from the skin and help maintain its moisture. For dry or sensitive skin, cleansing lotions are usually the best options because they don't dry out the skin.Regular use of appropriate lotions to cleanse the face and remove impurities is very important. Because we all strive for beautiful and healthy skin. And one of the more common misconceptions is that cleansing the face is only necessary if makeup has been previously applied. Facial cleansing removes natural skin secretions, dead cells and impurities from the external environment. Those that accumulate on the skin, the likelihood of clogging the pores and the number of bacteria on the skin decreases.Face cleansing lotions do not harm the face in any way and are recommended for regular use. Because in this way, the face always seems to be thoroughly cleaned and cared for.
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