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Mature facial skin requires special care. But in order to give it adequate care, we ask ourselves several questions… How do we know if my skin is mature? From what age is the skin considered mature? In the next few sentences, we will remove all doubts regarding mature skin, its characteristics and care.

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We are what we lived, experienced, shared. As we grow up, we accumulate experiences, events… and all of that is reflected on our skin. Each wrinkle reflects a unique event.

From a certain age, the skin has specific characteristics: the amount and activity of fibroblasts, as well as collagen synthesis, is reduced. Also, the skin is dehydrated and dried due to the decrease in vascularization and the secretion of sweat and sebum. There are also pigmentation disorders and “age spots” appear.

All this added to the factors that affect and worsen the skin every day: sun, tobacco, diet, external environment, etc. They give an aged face.

Mature skin – At what age do we talk about mature skin?

Although we usually talk about mature skin from the age of 35 onwards, the starting age will depend on each person’s history, as biological age does not have to be unified with the needs of the skin. Both endogenous factors (genetically programmed aging) and exogenous factors (external agents, lifestyle, emotions, environment) intervene in the aging of the dermis. Our face reflects our history. Hormonal changes. Exposure to environmental factors such as sun, cold or air.

Diseases, chronic diseases and their remedies. Fatigue, lack of sleep. Stress. Toxins like tobacco and alcohol. Sedentary life. All of the above affects and reflects on the condition of the skin.

How to properly care for mature skin?

The ideal for preventing skin aging is to start care at an early age, regularly go to the beauty center and take the necessary precautions: sun protection, healthy lifestyle, diet … all this will help to “prevent” premature aging, as well as the long-term effects beautiful, healthy skin.

The spirit is kept youthful and dynamic, but the face inevitably begins to change. It is necessary to adopt a positive attitude towards the signs of aging. The most important thing after a certain age is not that you want to look younger, but to show your age with elegance, optimism and naturalness.

It’s impossible to have 20-year-old skin after a certain age, so you need to pamper your skin with a global anti-aging treatment that keeps your face healthy, supple and living a beauty-preserving life. It should solve the problems presented by mature skin:

– Provide comfort and hydration for dry and tight skin.

– Protect and strengthen the skin from environmental aggression.

– Stimulate the skin regeneration process and restore its firmness. These are the key things for proper care of mature skin.

With our products for the care of mature skin such as gel creams, washing gels, lotions for the care of mature skin you will achieve enviable results in the care of mature skin

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