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Probiotic creams are the right choice of the new generation for skin care. Probiotics have long occupied an important place on the health food shelf. Of course if we are talking about their properties for good health and immunity.

Active Beauty | Intensive Skin Care Cream

3,040.00 RSD
Day-night cream with royal jelly, probiotic derivative, peptides...Volume 30ml
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Anti-pollution | Anti-Wrinkle Cream

9,600.00 RSD
Skin rejuvenation cream with probiotics Volume 50ml
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Probiotic-derived serum 50ml

1,200.00 RSD
Care of oily and acne-prone skin Volume 50ml
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Antirid with Baikal extract

965.00 RSD2,070.00 RSD
Anti-wrinkle and skin nourishing cream15 ml, 50 ml
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Peptide Filler pro-active anti-aging serum

1,900.00 RSD
Serum for hydration and antiaging care with royal jelly Volume 50ml
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Anti-Wrinkle Oily Serum

9,600.00 RSD
Nourishing oil serum Volume 30ml
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Active Beauty Serum and Intensive Skin Care Serum

3,040.00 RSD
Anti-wrinkle serum with royal jelly, probiotic.. Volume 30ml
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Green Inspiration Anti-pollution and Anti-Wrinkle Serum

9,600.00 RSD
Anti-wrinkle serum with probiotics Volume 30ml
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It is common knowledge that probiotics and prebiotics have an important place because as much as 70% of our immunity is located in the intestines.

But now, a new type of bacteria strain, designed to act externally, is taking center stage.

Just like the capsules you swallow to keep your gut happy… Probiotics can have balancing properties when applied topically to the skin. Make a selection of probiotic skin care products. From cleansers and serums, to masks… Packed full of friendly bacteria species that promise to calm inflammation, strengthen the skin barrier and even reduce acne.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? But is it really worth including probiotics in your ever-expanding skin care regimen? In fact, there is a lot of recent research that suggests there is. In short, the focus of probiotic skin care is on how to nourish. But not only the physical skin, but also the tiny microbes that inhabit it. The good bacteria that live on our skin are there to help keep the bad bacteria at bay and maintain balance.

Probiotic creams – effect

Probiotics are typically known as “good bacteria” and for very good reason. To understand how probiotic skin care works, we need to understand what probiotics do. And of course their interaction with what is called the microbiome. Probiotics are good bacteria that reside on your skin in an environment called the microbiome. And they help maintain balance in that environment and create useful metabolites. Displacing the skin’s microbiome out of balance can lead to many unpleasant effects. Those that are visibly manifested on the surface of the skin, and which probiotic skin care is trying to address.

The best-known probiotics are those for good bowel function. However, recent studies have shown that the beneficial effects that probiotics bring to a healthy gut are also great for your skin! The most common probiotics investigated for dermatological disorders belong to the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium families. Probiotic research for skin conditions is a fairly new field. But evidence suggests that probiotics can help with a variety of skin conditions. That is why probiotic creams are an increasingly common choice for skin care.

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