Eye creams are indispensable in facial care. Trust us when we say that eye cream is NOT a step worth skipping.
It’s a debate as old as time: Do you really need an eye cream? The answer is definitely yes.

Active Beauty | Intensive Skin Care Cream

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Day-night cream with royal jelly, probiotic derivative, peptides...Volume 30ml
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Anti-pollution | Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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Skin rejuvenation cream with probiotics Volume 50ml
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Antirid with Baikal extract

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Anti-wrinkle and skin nourishing cream15 ml, 50 ml
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Peptide Filler pro-active anti-aging serum

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Serum for hydration and antiaging care with royal jelly Volume 50ml
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Although it is packed in the tiniest containers, what is inside is worth it. Certainly, it’s another step in your skin care routine.

Even your usual serum and face cream will not be able to treat the area properly. They are not formulated for the fragile skin below the lower lash line.

Even the best face serum can have active ingredients that can damage this delicate area. Whereas creams are often too rich and clog pores, causing little white bumps to appear under the skin.

How to apply eye cream? So gentle, avoiding any harsh rubbing. Put a small amount of the product on your finger and sweep smoothly under the eye, and tap on the brow bone just below the eyelashes.

Eye creams – how to use

Apply eye creams immediately after cleansing and before moisturizer. This allows it to form a better protective barrier.

What goes into the best eye cream?

Unfortunately, there is no universal product to combat puffiness, lines and shadows. In that case, think about daily application of eye creams.

Your swelling in the morning is caused by water retention from lying down all night.

At night, the skin is in recovery mode, so you should look for a richer cream to increase hydration. “One with a high concentration of peptides and a skin-smoothing extract will help. To soften the appearance of expression lines.

If you’ve spent the day sitting under air conditioning or central heating, look for an eye cream that’s rich in hyaluronic acid.

Since the skin under the eyes is very thin, it is particularly prone to UV damage and pigmentation caused by the sun. During the summer period, use a sunscreen designed specifically for the eye area, as they contain a non-irritating formula.

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