Lotion for sensitive face skin

Lotion for sensitive facial skin helps to hydrate the skin, giving it a well-groomed appearance. Most of us have a problem with determining what skin type it belongs to. Is it sensitive, or maybe mixed. The fastest way to find out what type of skin your face belongs to is in the following. If your skin gets red or irritated whenever you put the product on it, you probably have sensitive skin.

AloeVera panthenol washing gel

1,250.00 RSD
Mild micellar washing gel Volume 200ml
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Micellar water

860.00 RSD
Thoroughly cleans, effectively removes make-up, optimally hydrates Volume 460ml
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Emollients 200ml

1,350.00 RSD
Nourishing milk for facial cleansing and body care Volume 200ml
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Oil bath with hyaluronic acid and rice oil

1,250.00 RSD
Oil bath for sensitive and atopic skin Volume 200ml
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Caring for sensitive skin is a real challenge. Because sensitive skin can get worse. Sensitive skin can be aggravated by dryness, environmental factors, exposure to irritants and skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. That’s why our products for sensitive skin are created with ingredients that help restore and maintain the skin’s barrier. Always choose products with natural ingredients, such as our lotions for sensitive facial skin.

Always be careful when choosing lotions and creams for sensitive skin. Because even if your face
cream seems harmless, the truth is that most moisturizers are formulated with ingredients that can
or will cause redness to break out. Or make your skin extremely dry and flaky. So what’s safe to use
that won’t ruin your face? Check out the range of lotions for your sensitive skin on our website.

Lotion for sensitive facial skin – how it works

Delicate faces and bodies can look and feel their best with our make-up removal products and complete facials for sensitive skin. Look no further, you're in the right place. We researched…searched…And with a wealth of experience we created the right lotions for sensitive facial skin. And, of course, we suggest that you try our products for the best care of sensitive skin as soon as possible.

Removing older skin cells and impurities from the face is an integral part of a good facial care routine. This prepares your face to absorb the benefits of sensitive skin products, such as lotions. Like all our products for dry sensitive skin, it is formulated with your skin in mind and feels like a comforting caress.

Our soothing and restorative face lotion helps relieve the feeling of uncomfortable and dry skin. It has a light texture that helps the skin stay hydrated. It helps restore dry, sensitive skin to a more intense, selfless feeling.

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