Oil bath and washing gels

Oil bath and washing gels are a gentle means of washing the face. They are primarily intended for sensitive skin. They represent a mild and refreshing product for washing the face. After their use, the skin becomes fresh. Our oil bath and washing gels contain a complex of ingredients of plant origin.

AloeVera panthenol washing gel

1,250.00 RSD
Mild micellar washing gel Volume 200ml
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Oil bath with hyaluronic acid and rice oil

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Oil bath for sensitive and atopic skin Volume 200ml
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Plants are known for their soothing and regenerative effect. With their use, the skin is carefully cleaned, strengthened and prepared for additional treatments. Use an oil bath and gel cleanser every morning and evening as the first step in your facial cleansing routine. Apply them on the face in gentle circular motions. Rinse with warm water and dry.Then use your regular skin care products, such as a facial moisturizer.Oil bath and gel are means for cleansing the face. With a refreshing light touch, they draw out impurities, excess fat and pollutants. The day’s residue is removed to help the complexion maintain the skin’s delicate balance, then rinsed off immediately. The skin looks energetic and fresh afterwards.

Oil bath and washing gels – deep cleansing of the face

The proven effectiveness of these products is reflected in the following:Nourishing oil bath and gel for cleaning and washing the face gently and qualitatively cleans the skin. It softens the skin due to the feeling of discomfort and tightness. They permanently nourish the skin and protect it from drying out hard water. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated. They have a soft texture, and are especially suitable for delicate, sensitive and dry skin.No-tear formula. With the listed beneficial effects, they represent a luxurious facial cleansing experience. These products are ideal washes and rinses for dry, sensitive or stressed skin. Use daily as a means for high-quality facial cleansing.Thanks to the high concentration of glycerin, rice oil, and lavender oil, they leave a non-greasy protective film that protects the skin from external aggressions. Rich in linoleic and linoleic acid, vitamin B5 has a regenerating and soothing effect, helping the skin to maintain pleasant elasticity throughout the day. It is definitely recommended that you use products made from natural ingredients to clean and wash your face. Because exactly such products are mild without aggressive ingredients and gently clean the skin.
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