Foot care

Foot care is just as important as hand care. Feet are the most sensitive part of our body. And at the same time the most burdened. Due to prolonged sitting or standing at work, problems with the legs occur. These are most often swelling of the legs, weak circulation or varicose veins. That is why proper and regular foot care is essential.


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Every woman who cares about her health and looks will find enough time to take care of her legs.

Basic foot care consists of regular hygiene, massage and cream application. In addition to using lotion or gel after bathing.

Foot care – What does proper foot care mean

In order for your legs to be well-groomed and beautiful, you don’t need expensive cosmetics. Natural-based preparations are sufficient. Your feet should always be clean and dry. Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water while bathing. After that, dry them well, especially between all the toes. Any excess moisture between the toes can create an ideal environment for a fungal infection to start on the feet.

When the skin is completely dry, apply a cream or lotion for foot care. It is best to use the cream in the evening before going to bed. Thus, during the night, the skin will absorb all the ingredients well. The cream should provide the dry skin of the feet with intensive hydration. If you want flawless heels and feet, use foot gels.

Foot massage is equally important for care. The massage should be performed a couple of times a week. In this way, you will improve the circulation of your legs and prevent the appearance of cellulite. In addition to a massage, a pedicure should be done at least once a month. A pedicure is done by making a salt solution with antimycotic and antiseptic effects in a sterilized tub. It serves to soften the thickening of the skin of the feet. It also indicates the area of dead skin that needs to be removed.

Skin care for tired legs

Your legs, especially your feet, are stressed throughout the day. That’s why you can rest them in warm baths in the evening. The most common foot baths are with sea salt. They are best for therapeutic use – they relax, relieve muscle inflammation and provide relief for tired legs.

In addition to the bath, use gels for tired legs. Hydrating herbal gel will be a hit for refreshing and relaxing tired legs.

It is best to use natural preparations for the care of tired legs. Such are, for example, gels with extracts of calendula, rose hip and chamomile. Rosemary and lavender oils also give excellent results. Such natural gels can be used several times during the day. Massage them into the skin of tired legs with light movements. The effect will certainly not be absent.

Foot care

Foot care is very important, because the feet are the part of the body that carries our entire weight. And there is also an aesthetic moment. Beautiful and well-groomed feet say that we take care of our appearance.

Poor foot care can lead to thickening, cracked heels and fungus.

To prevent calluses and thickening of the skin, use creams for additional care of the skin of the feet. During the summer months, you also have to watch out for fungi and bacteria. They can be caused by sweating, or if you wear tight shoes.

If you have a problem with excessive sweating, a foot spray can be the right solution. It is best to use a natural foot spray. It contains active substances that prevent the development of bacteria. In addition, the spray will remove unpleasant foot odors.

Exfoliation for the feet helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells in the best way. Thickened heels will become smooth and tender after just a few scrubs.

Don’t forget the pedicure. Keep your nails always looking neat. Use natural products for nail care. If you use nail polish, choose a light shade. Foot care must be daily and comprehensive.

Inadequate foot care can lead to more serious conditions such as athlete’s foot and athlete’s foot. Feet should be cared for in the same way as hands, there is no difference.

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