Feet care

Foot care is very important. Special and daily foot care should be introduced in order to avoid foot problems. Feet are made for walking and it is important not to neglect the importance of foot health. Despite its distance from the heart, the health of your feet can affect your overall health.

Foot powder – beautiful feet

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Against unpleasant odors of shoes and feetWeight 100g
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Foot balm – beautiful feet

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Foot and heel careVolume 50ml
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Nail Spray – beautiful nails

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For beautiful and healthy fingernails and toenailsVolume 30ml
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Emollient 10% Urea

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Nourishing hydrating milk for dry body skin Volume 200mlv
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It is important not to ignore foot pain. If your legs hurt, it’s time to see a doctor. In fact, feet should be checked regularly even before there is a problem. They consist of over 50 bones, 200 muscles, 60 joints, tendons and ligaments. That’s why we can say that the feet are truly a real miracle of technique in the body.

Foot care – why is preventive foot care important?

Three important reasons to take care of your legs and feet include quality of life, productive work and regular physical activity. The quality of your life is directly related to your ability to be complacent. Activities like working, shopping and walking are just some of the daily activities that make you happy. If you have foot problems or sore legs, you will not function at your best. Feet are often taken for granted, but even minor foot problems can make life very uncomfortable. Luckily, we have a wealth of expert information to help you take care of your feet.

Aesthetic foot care should never be neglected. Because beautiful and well-kept feet mean that we take care of our appearance. Poor foot care can lead to thickening, cracked heels and fungus.

To prevent blisters and thickening of the skin, use foot care creams. Feet should be cared for in the same way as hands, there is no difference. Use natural preparations for foot care. Eucerin foot cream is an excellent choice if your skin is dry and there are thickenings. Calendula is a plant that is excellent for dry skin care and regeneration. It also helps with fungal diseases and soothes the skin after a long walk or some mild irritation.

Don’t forget the pedicure. Keep your nails always looking neat. Leg and foot care must be daily and comprehensive. We regularly listen to the needs of customers, but also professionals from the world of beauty and their clients, so we have created natural and high-quality foot care products.

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