Foot cream

Leg cream in this pace of life is a “must have” in every lady’s cosmetic bag. Women most often have problems with their feet and leg pain due to uncomfortable shoes. In order to be trendy, women often become victims of fashion.

Foot balm – beautiful feet

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Foot and heel careVolume 50ml
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Emollient 10% Urea

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Nourishing hydrating milk for dry body skin Volume 200mlv
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High heels and walking in uncomfortable shoes result in swollen feet and ankles and pain. The legs bear all the weight of our busy everyday life and the pace of life. That’s why it’s important to start taking care with adequate creams on time.

When choosing an adequate cream, always start from the composition. The most important thing is that they are rich in natural active substances. They will provide intensive hydration. In addition, the content of panthenol is important because it helps the regeneration of the skin of the legs. Any quality foot cream should remove the feeling of fatigue and tension soon after application. It is especially important to regulate the level of hydration. The effect of the cream is to create a protective layer that protects against inflammatory processes. Foot creams are intended for daily use. Always apply foot creams to clean and dry skin.

Leg cream – foot cream

Pedicure and constant foot care are a safe way and a guarantee of health and beauty. Foot care is just as important as hand care. Feet are certainly the most sensitive part of the body. Foot care must be much more than just washing it in the shower. Do not neglect your feet as damage may occur as a result. And these are the most common: foot fungus, calluses, bunions.

Simply apply the foot cream on clean and dry skin. It is best to apply the cream in the evening before going to bed. In this way, during the night, the feet will absorb all the ingredients. Prevent the formation of painful cracks in the heels by regular use of creams. In addition to choosing quality creams for foot care, be careful when it comes to choosing shoes.

We hope these few tips will help you when it comes to foot care. Choose our foot creams made from natural ingredients. Know, you won’t go wrong!

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