Hand cream

On that note, all hardworking hands need care. Regardless of whether you are washing dishes, preparing food or something else entirely. When it comes to your skin and hand care, we can help

D-panthenol 5% gel-cream

730.00 RSD
Hydrates and nourishes sensitive and irritated skin Volume 50ml
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Hand cream with evening primrose and vitamin A quantity

1,060.00 RSD
Care of dry and chapped skin prone to eczema Volume 100ml
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Ung. Emollients

870.00 RSD1,410.00 RSD
Hydrates and nourishes dry and rough skin150 ml, 300 ml
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Because we have great hand creams. We all know how important it is to keep the skin hydrated. It gets a little more difficult in the colder months. But our range of moisturizers is here to help. May your hands always be cared for. From hand creams rich in vitamin A and evening primrose oil, to mini hand creams (perfect for popping in your purse), we’ve got your hand hydration covered. Dry hands are a thing of the past with our creams.

It’s important to apply the hand cream at night before bed, but you’ll want it near the sink. In general, give your hands a quick moisturizer after each wash to prevent excessive dryness during the day.

Hand cream – How to choose the best hand cream

When looking for a hand moisturizer, look for ingredients with the following properties. Look for products that contain vitamin A. That they are rich in linoleic acid and linoleic acid. Linoleic and linoleic acids, as well as vitamin A, have regenerative properties. The active components have a nourishing effect, due to which the skin quickly becomes soft and less dry. These exceptional ingredients help to nourish and hydrate the skin. Which is extremely important after frequent washing, use of disinfectants and prolonged wearing of gloves.

There are so many different hand creams out there, so we’ve done the work for you and rounded up the ones with dermatologist-approved ingredients. Keep one of our hand creams at the ready for the fall and winter months and your skin will thank you. Thanks to the dropping temperatures, dry air, radiant heat indoors, and gloves that are inevitable during winter, and likely to irritate your skin even more, you’re likely to be dealing with chapped and maybe even bloody hands.

So choose our intensive hand creams that moisturize, protect and help regenerate dry, rough and chapped hands. Their rich and creamy texture is easy to apply, leaving the skin feeling like a protective layer.

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