Hand disinfection – soap and spray

Hand disinfection involves the use of disinfectants based on ethyl alcohol or isopropanol. These agents can be liquid (in the form of a spray), in the form of gels or wet wipes. We have all witnessed the necessity of proper and regular hand hygiene. As a rule, disinfectants are used after standard hand washing.

Antibacterial hand soap

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Effective disinfectant, gentle on hands Volume 460 ml
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Antibacterial spray for dry hand washing

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When washing your hands, it is recommended to remove jewelry and rings. Lather your hands with ordinary or liquid soap and first rub the entire surface of your hand well. The hand washing process should take at least 30 seconds. Then we just move on to rinsing with water and wiping. If you wipe your hands with a paper towel, throw it in the bin immediately. If you use cotton, make sure that only you use it.

Hand disinfection – important rules

Experts recommend using disinfectants when we are unable to wash our hands. In that case, you can also choose antibacterial soap for dry hand washing. This means that they are not a substitute for washing your hands with soap. This is exactly what people often forget.

Here are some of the most important rules to follow when using disinfectants:
Avoid products containing methanol,
Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
Be careful how you dispose of gels or sprays. Do not expose them to heat and sunlight
Do not wipe your hands with a towel if you have applied disinfectant gel or spray. Be aware of the shelf life of the product, as the active ingredients will degrade over time.

Disinfection of hands in the age of corona

The covid 19 epidemic taught us all that washing hands with soap as often as possible is the strongest prevention against the virus. So, let’s be responsible to ourselves and to others. Health has no alternative. Washing your hands with soap is the best protection against viruses. The soap works on the virus by breaking down the fatty membrane of the virus.

That is why it is necessary to wash hands for longer. After washing with soap and using disinfectants, the skin becomes rougher and cracked. Therefore, be sure to take care of your skin with creams that compensate for moisture and that are quickly absorbed.

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