Intimate care – preparations for her and him

Intimate care is an integral part of personal hygiene. The intimate region is susceptible to bacterial and fungal attacks, and adequate care is necessary. The intimate area is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. It needs special care that differs from the care of the rest of the skin. Intimate care is equally important for both women and men.

Intimate gel cream – for her and him

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Intimate bath for women with hyaluronic acid

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Intimate bath for men with hyaluronic acid

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Mild intimate bath for men, optimal pH valuesVolume 200ml
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Only careful and regular care can prevent major health problems.

Every woman has faced some problems in the intimate zone at least once. Whether it’s burning, redness, irritation or itching.

A healthy intimate region implies a normal ph value. For the external intimate parts, the pH value is around 5.0 and they are inhabited by natural bacterial flora. The internal intimate parts of the body have a ph value of 3.8 to 4.4. Under normal conditions, there is a balance between the body’s hygiene and the natural protection system. Vaginal infections are mainly caused by hormonal imbalance. Most often during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, after taking antibiotics, due to stress, colds, etc.

Intimate care of a man

Just as we take care of oral hygiene and hygiene of the whole body, we should also properly care for the intimate region. It is a devastating fact that a large number of men do not take care of their intimate hygiene. Thus, they also put their partners in danger.

This region should be cleaned once a day with suitable preparations (creams, baths and lotions for intimate care of men). Washing too often destroys its own protective barrier. That’s why once a day is more than enough. Gentle baths and washing lotions will protect you from unwanted infections. There is a huge selection of intimate care products on the market for both the stronger and the gentler sex. Make sure they have a suitable pH value before you start using them. Read the properties carefully and check that they are based on plant extracts and natural ingredients.

Intimate care of women

Intimate hygiene is something that every woman should be the starting point when it comes to hygiene. Numerous baths are intended exclusively for the intimate region. This way you will avoid bacteria, rash, itching and irritation. It is mandatory to use a special towel to wipe the intimate area. Respond in time to any change in the smell and appearance of secretions. Proper intimate hygiene and care leads to good health. The pH value of the female region is about 4.8, while the pH value of the male region is 4.2. In order to preserve that natural balance, care must be taken with detergents and care creams.

Bacterial vaginosis (vaginal infection) occurs most often due to a disturbance of the vaginal flora. This is one of the most common gynecological diseases in women. Changes in the vaginal microflora is one of the causes of many inflammations and infections, as well as venereal diseases. If you are prone to vaginal infections, you can start using vaginal tablets with lactic acid as a preventive measure. They maintain and regulate the natural pH value of the vagina. They are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What preparations for intimate care to use?

Lactobacilli are the most important factor for the microbiological balance of the vagina. They produce lactic acid, thereby maintaining the pH value of the vaginal flora. A natural acidic environment can only be maintained through daily intimate care. Once a day, use lukewarm water for external washing and mild means for intimate care.

Therefore, creams with a slightly alkaline pH should be used for intimate care. The active ingredients of plant extracts have a soothing effect on the skin. Intimate care cream must not contain soaps and parabens.

Always carefully read the composition of the preparation. Grape seed oil, St. John’s wort oil, vitamin E, panthenol, aloe vera extracts relieve unpleasant symptoms of dryness in the intimate area. All these ingredients relieve unpleasant symptoms such as: itching, burning, irritations. Along with intimate hygiene and care, it is necessary to have an adequate diet. Certain foods can be effective in treating the intimate area. Cranberry juice and dairy products that contain probiotics can cure yeast infections.

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