Intimate baths for washing

Intimate baths for washing, baths for the hygiene of the intimate zone are very important. Because the importance of maintaining good hygiene in intimate parts of the body cannot be emphasized enough.

Intimate bath for women with hyaluronic acid

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Mild intimate bath, optimal pH valuesVolume 200ml
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Intimate bath for men with hyaluronic acid

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Mild intimate bath for men, optimal pH valuesVolume 200ml
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This is a topic that is rarely discussed in public and most people are uncomfortable discussing it even with their friends. But the hygiene of the private parts is a serious matter and must be given the same time and attention that we give to the hygiene of the rest of our body. It is a question that every person – man, woman or child – must take seriously, because it can have complications on the overall health.

Proper hygiene of intimate areas is extremely important for the health of women and men. For women, regardless of whether you’re of childbearing age, keeping your vulva clean properly can make a big difference when it comes to vaginal infections. Your vagina is a sensitive area and luckily keeping it hygienic is incredibly easy. Using an intimate washing bath.

Intimate wash baths – intimate care for men and women

The most important part of intimate hygiene is maintaining the pH value. Normal pH tends to be slightly acidic and when this is thrown off, women and men begin to experience symptoms of infection. These symptoms can include irritation, itching and pain. Some women may be more sensitive to vaginal changes, especially during pregnancy.

Intimate washing is completely safe with intimate wash baths. Because they are intended for gentle external cleaning. With an appropriate pH value. They favor the maintenance of the microflora of the intimate region

The perfect measure for good intimate health is to wash the intimate area with lukewarm water or an intimate product once a day. However, during the summer months, or after exercise, there is a need for more frequent washing of the intimate area. If you wash with lukewarm water and a mild agent for intimate washing, there will be no problems. Care should be taken to dry the intimate region with a soft and clean towel. Gently tapping, never pressing hard.

Always choose a natural product that does not contain soap or strong perfumes. Make it a mild gel with a desirable pH of 4.8. And that it contains panthenol and aloe vera extract. You can find just such intimate washing baths on our website.

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