Removing makeup

Removing makeup is a necessary bedtime ritual. This is common knowledge for all ladies, but it is not enough just to remove the makeup. You need to know exactly how to remove it and how to choose the right product for the best care.

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Some studies have shown quite devastating data. As many as 80% of women remove their makeup the wrong way. In addition, 10% of women stated that they do not remove their makeup at all before going to bed.

Removing makeup, why is it important?

What everyone fears is the appearance of new wrinkles, and not removing a layer of makeup accelerates the aging process of the skin. Of course, apart from that, the appearance of acne, pimples and inflammation of the skin, irritation and redness are also frequent occurrences caused by inadequate facial care.

A layer of make-up left on the face during the night prevents the shedding of dead cells from the surface of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes rough and flaky. While the complexion becomes uneven and various allergic reactions occur.

During our daily activities at work and at home, dust and dirt accumulate in the pores. This is exactly the main reason for removing makeup. It should be emphasized that even if you have not used makeup, clean your face thoroughly before going to bed. Precisely to avoid accumulation of impurities in the pores.

Tips for proper makeup removal

By properly removing make-up from the face, the skin will remain elastic, you prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and the skin receives the best care. With adequate preparations for removing make-up, the facial skin will be able to regenerate during the night. Plus, you’ll definitely feel fresher in the morning.

Here are some tips on how to properly remove makeup from your face:

* Soak the tuffers with the chosen make-up remover (milk, lotion, oil, micellar water…)

* Gently remove the make-up from the eyelids first with a tweezer (do not remove the make-up from the entire face)

* Take a special tufter to remove the powder and remove the make-up from the forehead, chin and cheeks with light circular movements. Let your movements be gentle (like stroking because you will also improve circulation)

* You also remove the lipstick from the lips with a new tufter and remove the lipstick in one stroke from right to left or vice versa. It is important that in one move.

* At the end, soak a few drops of lotion on a new tuffer and pick up the rest of the impurities from the face.

Natural makeup removers

Facial skin is thin and prone to cracking, so it is always necessary to choose adequate products that will suit your skin type. It is not the same whether you have a normal skin type, oily or dry skin. Daily cleaning of makeup with products containing alcohol and chemicals can further irritate the skin and leave lasting effects. Always try to base your care on natural products.

Find an adequate lotion, toner, milk or micellar water that will have natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics provide the best possible skin treatment, and every woman dreams of smooth, radiant and hydrated facial skin. Before buying and choosing, read the composition, because with natural preparations you will have plenty of vegetable oils (jojoba, almond, sesame, castor oil, evening primrose oil). In addition to vegetable oils, there are of course extracts of medicinal plants and natural active ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

  Any natural product for removing makeup (lotions, milk or micellar water) will not contain artificial fragrances and colors. You will receive care, hydration, regeneration and revitalization of the skin, so always rely on natural and tested products.

Micellar waters are also very popular as makeup removers and facial cleansers. They are particularly good at removing make-up around the eyes. When choosing micellar waters, let the composition be primary. Choose those that will contain natural oils, panthenol, allantoin, glycerin and everything that promotes skin hydration.

So to conclude, removing makeup is mandatory! Love your skin, love your face! A radiant face is the path to self-confidence and success.

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