If you have ever thought and wished to have your personal cosmetic brand, and you did not have the necessary information in one place, we have up-to-date documentation.
We develop formulations and produce cosmetic products for your personal brand (private label), as well as the preparation of the complete procedure necessary for export to the EU and other markets.

What do we produce?

Complete range of dermo-cosmetic products: emulsions (water-oil and oil-water), aqueous solutions: tonics, lotions, mouthwashes, deodorants, micellar waters, oil compositions, shampoos, shower gels, milk/creams, peels, foams, gels, lipogels, two-phase gels ...

How we do it?

The formulation of finished products under the Contract follows two main approaches:

Identify the perfect combination of ingredients that will translate your ideas into safe, effective, and fragrant finished cosmetic products.
Proactive approach: we propose new development ideas using our expertise, scientific knowledge, and market trends.
In the practice so far, the interactive approach of Medical Plants and the client has proven to be effective. By working together and actively communicating, the desired goals are harmonized and production flows are monitored. Our recommendations have significantly facilitated clients' understanding of regulations in the field of cosmetics, both national and European, which has contributed to the production of safe, efficient, and quality products.

Expertise in formulation design

Our research and development laboratory has access to a large database of raw materials (more than 1000 cosmetic ingredients selected for their innovation, efficiency, and dermo-affinity). This availability allows the creation of multiple cosmetic forms (lotion, emulgel, lipogel, hydrogel, emulsion-type creams (water/oil and oil/water), etc.) to meet the different needs of our customers.

Synergy as a competitive advantage

Thanks to constant education (know-how) and many years of experience, we provide you with a better understanding of the world of raw materials and thus better recognition of the quality of cosmetic ingredients (which we monitor through technical and safety files, clinical studies, and reference documentation).
For your products, we choose the highest quality raw materials, from proven European and world manufacturers, which gives you the best quality-price ratio. We also help define claims and properly label products according to EU Regulation 1223/2009.

What else do you get?

• Tips on the most appropriate efficiency tests (both instrumental and in-use)
• Recommendations for the selection of appropriate preservative systems to ensure the maximum microbiological safety of cosmetic production.
• Proposal for efficacy test protocols
• Communication with laboratories for health testing, challenge test, allergen test
• Preparation and delivery of samples.
• Update reports regularly.
• Interpretation of results to make them more understandable to the client and usable for marketing purposes
• Preparation of Safety Assessment (report on the safety of the cosmetic product)
• Development of PIF (Product Information File), Product Dossier

We have business cooperation with domestic and foreign laboratories that perform health control, challenge tests, allergen tests, then we cooperate with PR agencies that register cosmetic products on the CPNP portal.

Types of products for which we make formulations and production:

• FACIAL CARE: anti-wrinkle creams, moisturizers, serums, combination, and oily skincare products, acne-prone skincare products, masks, cleansing milk...
• BODY CARE: body lotions, scented oils, body creams, foot creams, hand creams, intimate care creams ...
• HAIR CARE: shampoos, hair balms, hair masks, hair lotions, ampoules, hair nutrition products ...
• FOR BATHING: oil baths, shower gels, intimate care baths, liquid soaps, soap-free washing gels ...
• FOR BABY CARE: body creams, oil baths ...
• FOR SENSITIVE SKINCARE: creams for sensitive and dry skin, products for the care of very dry and chapped skin ...
• SUNFLOWER PRODUCTS: sunscreen, beta-carotene sunscreen oils ...
• FOR DEPILATION: sugar paste for depilation, lotions after depilation ...

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