Sun Oils

Sunscreen oils hydrate the skin while providing protection from the sun. You should choose tanning oils that will not leave you greasy. Just like other forms of sunscreen, oils also have sun protection (SPF).

MP SunProtect SPF 25+ UVA/UVB Sunscreen Milk with carrot and calendula oils

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MP SunProtect SPF 25+ UVA/UVB 1/3 Sunscreen Milk with carrot and calendula oils protects the skin from the harmful effects
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Although no sunscreen will protect you 100% from UVB rays, a higher SPF or protection factor will protect you in a higher percentage. For example, SPF 100 protects your skin from 99% of UVB rays, while SPF 15 protects you from 93% of UVB rays.

To protect your skin from UVA rays, which are responsible for skin aging, look for a sunscreen oil labeled “broad spectrum,”

Unlike most mineral sunscreens that strip your skin of its natural oil, oils mimic your body’s sebum with plant-based oil ingredients. You can choose an oil base that suits your skin problems. If your skin is prone to acne, opt for ingredients like almond oil, grape seed oil, and sunflower seed oil. Older skin may benefit from sunscreen oils that contain acai oil or fatty acids.

Suntan oils – characteristics

Waterproof suntan oils offer protection that will last, even if you’re in the water or sweating. However, since water can compromise the effectiveness of the oil, follow the re-application instructions carefully.

Fragrant sunscreen oils can leave you smelling like a relaxing beach vacation, even with everyday wear. Most oils have a fragrance, so if you have a very sensitive nose, you may want to opt for an unscented suntan lotion.

Is it safe to use spray sunscreen oil on children?

It is not recommended to use directly, i.e. spraying children with aerosol and pump sprays for sun protection due to the risk of inhaling chemical particles from the air. However, you can also spray the oil into your hands and then manually apply it to your baby’s skin.

It is certainly recommended that oil and sun protection creams be applied indoors or in the shade. It is necessary to allow about 20 minutes for the oil to absorb into your skin before going outside or exposing yourself to the sun.

We definitely recommend the oil as a sunscreen

Our suntan oil is with high sun protection. It’s light enough for everyday use, even under makeup. It has a pleasant smell. Moisturizes and softens the skin without leaving it greasy. It works against photoaging, preserving the elasticity of the skin and its hydrolipidic balance.

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