Care of the diaper area

Care of the diaper area requires special attention. Babies’ skin is sensitive and prone to drying out. A baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s skin. That’s why we have to be careful when it comes to the composition of diapers and cosmetics used to care for the diaper region.

Derma Spray

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One spray, multiple solutions 50 ml, 150 ml
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Derma-evening primrose cream

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Care of red, dry, chapped and sensitive skin Volume 50ml
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Derma-Zinc Jecoris cream

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D-panthenol 5% gel-cream

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Hydrates and nourishes sensitive and irritated skin Volume 50ml
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Ung. Emollients

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Oil bath with hyaluronic acid and rice oil

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The baby’s skin will react to the material the diaper is made of. When a rash appears, parents first think that the diapers don’t fit. However, the most common cause of rashes is a wet diaper. Small babies need to be changed 10-12 times a day. Wash your baby’s diaper area regularly and allow the skin to rest from diapers during the day. After bathing, leave the baby naked for a few minutes before putting on the diaper. Apply the cream in a thin layer. If the baby’s skin is white, it means that you have overused the cream.

Care of the diaper area – how to choose cosmetics for the diaper area?

Baby’s skin needs adequate and daily care. In order to avoid rashes, redness, and irritation, the skin should be cared for in a special way. Many parents are in doubt when they should choose preparations for the care of the diaper area. We all want only the best for our children. It is certainly best to use products on a natural basis for baby’s skin.

The natural base means that there are no artificial colors, perfumes or synthetic fragrances. Of course, the basic condition is that the product has a suitable pH value.

Choose products based on chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula, almond, aloe vera, etc. From the first day, it is important not to disturb the process of natural maturation of the skin. Therefore, avoid aggressive care products that damage the skin’s natural barrier. Formulas with fish oil, for example, intensively care for and nourish the dry and red skin of the diaper area. Fish oil contains vitamin A, valuable in restoring the dermo barrier. Ideally, every time you change a diaper, wash the diaper area with water. Specially formulated micellar waters can also be used. Use specialized mild soaps, pleasantly warm water and mild creams and lotions with the appropriate composition.

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