Sun protection for children

Sun protection for children, especially babies, is very important and must be adequate. Children’s skin is more sensitive and thinner than adult skin. Precisely because of the sensitivity, care and protection is crucial for the health of children’s skin.

Sun Protect Spray 25+ Beta Carotene

Sun protection spray for children with beta carotene and natural oilsVolume 150ml
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The younger the child, the more sensitive the skin is to all negative influences from the environment. Children’s skin is thinner, has less keratin and melanin pigment, as well as a thin fat layer.

Never expose babies under one year of age to direct sunlight. If you spend time outdoors, keep your baby in the shade. It is necessary to adequately protect her eyes and always use a sunshade on the stroller. As for children who are older than one year, always apply cream before leaving the house. Do this 15-20 minutes before going out. The protection factor should be at least 20 (SPF 20). Reapply the cream after 2 hours, as well as after swimming. Do not use last year’s creams. Do not forget to lubricate the child’s lips, ears and the back of the neck.

Sun protection for children – how to choose an adequate sun protection cream for children?

Sunscreens are essential and should be applied in a deeper layer. Make sure all skin is protected by clothing or cream. Always make sure there is a water resistance label. Waterproof creams do not dissolve in water, but they come off immediately after wiping or rubbing against a towel. Reapply the protective agent after each bath.

Avoid chemical preparations. They can cause irritation in children with sensitive skin and eczema. Choose creams with a wide spectrum. This implies that the cream protects against UVA and UVB rays. Always give preference to mineral creams. Almond oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, beta carotene help to form a bronze complexion. Vitamin E, omega fatty acids preserve, for example, the hydrolipidic balance. But always keep in mind that sunscreen products do not protect 100% from UV radiation. Excessive exposure to the sun can seriously endanger health.

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