Depilation is a procedure of removing unwanted hair on the body, which makes the skin smooth. There are many types of hair removal and it is important to choose the best one for your skin type. Waxing should be done once a month. This is a long enough period during which all the hairs should grow and enable successful depilation.

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In order for the hairs to thin out, it is necessary to remove them regularly throughout the year. Regular depilation weakens the root of the hair, the hair itself grows thinner and lighter.

Hair removal – types of hair removal

There are different methods for hair removal. Depilation with sugar paste and depilation with wax are classic. And besides, there are newer methods. These are depilation with an electric epilator, laser hair removal (epilation) and depilation with creams.

Classic depilation has numerous advantages over other methods of removing unwanted hair. One of them is that the hairs are pulled out from the roots. Thus, the depilation effect lasts from four to six weeks.

By regular application of this type of depilation:

hairs become thinner, rarer and grow more slowly;
the risk of hair growth is reduced
achieves a peeling effect, and the result is smooth and tender skin

Depilation with wax and sugar paste

One of the most effective methods is depilation with cold wax. The wax is applied in a thin layer and removed with special tapes. And the procedure can be repeated when the hairs are stronger. It is important that the skin is clean and dry and that it is not smeared with body milk before depilation.

Between hot and cold wax, cold is always recommended. It is much safer in terms of hygiene, because the used wax is thrown away together with the tape. In addition, it causes less irritation and gives the effect of gentle and smooth skin.

Sugar paste is a depilatory agent consisting of sugar, lemon and water. The ideal thing about sugar paste is that you can make the mixture yourself, at home. When removing hair with sugar paste, there is no fear of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. The pain is incomparably less than with waxing. In addition, over time, the number of hairs significantly decreases and they become softer. Waxing with sugar paste is also suitable for women who have problems with varicose veins and broken capillaries.

Hair removal creams

Depilatory creams delay and prevent hair regrowth and effectively remove it. In addition, they make the skin soft and hydrated after use. Hair removal creams are used most often when it comes to sensitive parts of the body. And that is the armpit, bikini area, earrings or the whole face. If you have sensitive and dry skin, then depilation creams are the right choice for you.

Depilation creams are also used for sensitive leg skin, as well as skin that is prone to broken capillaries.

The way to use depilatory creams is extremely simple. Apply the cream evenly on the desired part of the body with a spatula. Leave it to act according to the instructions (5-10 minutes). After the time is up, try to remove one part with a spatula from a smaller area of the skin. If the hair comes off easily, it’s time to remove the entire cream. If the hair is difficult to remove, leave the cream on for a few more minutes. The cream is removed in the direction of hair growth, not the other way around. After removing the cream, rinse the skin with warm water (no soap). Lubricate the skin with oil or milk for care after depilation, which will additionally soothe the skin, if necessary.

Care after depilation

After depilation, the skin needs special care and hydration. If red spots appear or your skin feels itchy, apply a balm. Best based on chamomile or calendula. After depilation, the skin is pleased with a soothing lotion, which will help to preserve its softness. But make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol. If you feel that the preparation you have applied stings, wash it off immediately.

Choose natural care products after waxing and don’t forget to always take care of your skin.

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